Tax Collector

Karen Darrah
Town of Newcomb Tax Collector

PO Box 75
36 Chassion Road
Newcomb, NY 12852 

I am responsible for the Town and County Taxes as well as  the Water and Sewer Payments for the Town of Newcomb


4  Payment Plan  (example)  Bill # 000   $ 936.48 total     is divided into 4 equal payments    Jan payment is $234.12  penalty free.  Feb payment  is  $241.14, including 1 % penalty of the balance.  March is  $ 243.48, including 2 % penalty of the balance.  April is $ 241.14 including a 3% penalty on the balance. Once I receive Jan payment I will send a receipt and a coupon sheet for Feb, March and April. Each is due by the last day of the month.   There is a additional penalty if sent in late.  Please send only the amount of the coupon. You may pay it off whenever you wish. Last 3 receipts will be sent when the final payment is made. Please contact me for the exact amount for Jan. payment, and any questions on this plan.

If you need to add or delete a name on you bill, or change your address, I have the form for that.

If you are using a bank or online service to pay your bill, it needs to have a US Postal Service date stamp on  it. Many of these places do not have any thing on the outside of the envelope.  If not, I go payment wise by the day I receive it not when the check was dated.  Keep in mind home generated computer stamps  are  not always US Postal Service  date stamped.

If you do not receive your tax bill by the 7th or so  of Jan, please call me , and I will check into it for you.

If you want a receipt mailed to you please, check the [  ] box on the tear off bottom of the bill.

On the front of your bill you will notice     Apply for third party Notification by 11/01/2016         Under NY law, senior citizens and disabled home owners may designate  an adult third party to receive a duplicate copy of real property tax bills, and notices, of unpaid taxes.  The intent of the law is to eliminate unfortunate situations where these tax payers might otherwise lose their homes for nonpayment of taxes.  I have the form for that.

Late notices are mailed in March. If you do not add the $1.00 mailing fee in your check... IT WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU.


As of September 1 2018, rates are:    $376.00 for Water   $ 350.00 for Sewer     $ 726.00 per year      

Billing Dates  ( quarterly payments)      $ 181.50         Water  $ 94.00       Sewer  $ 87.50                                   
No partial payments accepted

• March 1st  Pays usage for Jan 1st thru March 31st  

• June 1st pays usage for April 1st thru June 30th

• September 1st Pays usage for July 1st thru September 30th

• December 1st Pays usage for October 1st thru December 31st.

• Annual Billing is mailed March 1st           
   Pays usage for January 1st thru December 31st       $ 726.00      Due  March 31st

Note: If you pay after the end of billing month, a 4% penalty is added on.  ( That amount will show on the bottom of your bill)

  Any unpaid  Water or  Sewer as of November 1st each year will be turned over to Essex County and be included in your Town and County Tax Bill in January.