Town Board


A town council governs the Town of Newcomb. They meet the second and fourth Tuesday each month at 7pm at the Town Office. These meetings are open to the public.

The current members of the council are:

Town Supervisor

Robin DeLoria, Supervisor
Office: 518-582-3211 Fax: 518-582-2061 Cell: 518-524-0528

Wester Miga, Deputy Supervisor

Duties and Functions

According to New York State Law, as explained in the Handbook "Information for Town Officials," published by the State Comptroller, the Town Board is the governing board of the Town.

The Town Board has many functions, including creating and approving the Town budget, setting salaries of town officials, hiring town employees and others too numerous to include here. A comprehensive description of the Town Board's duties and functions can be seen here on page 10.