Public Facilities

The Town of Newcomb welcomes visitors, residents, clubs, churches and other like organizations to fill out an application to reserve use of one or more of our facilities. The form for facility use can be found by clicking on one of the images below. Use is determined on a first come first served basis, and the Town of Newcomb reserves the right to deny use of our facilities if it determines the event being planned is not suitable for the size of our facility, based upon occupancy ratings, or does not align with our acceptable public use policy.


PLEASE FILL OUT FORM and submit. Call 518-509-3603 if you have any questions.


Town of Newcomb Information Center


Town of Newcomb Information Center – Zoom Room


High Peaks Golf Course



High Peaks Overlook Park


Town Beach Pavilion



Town Beach Cook shack


Town Hall Conference Room


Town Hall Zoom Room


Newcomb Volunteer Fire Dept. – Fire Hall


Senior Center


Skate Rink


Newcomb Ski Slope