Comprehensive Plan 2010

The Comprehensive Plan is undergoing its 10 year review and update.

The Survey form linked here is ready to be filled in. Complete this form, save it to your computer, attach and E-mail it, or print and deliver/snail mail to:

Town of Newcomb
Attn: CP Survey
PO Box 405
Newcomb, NY 12852.

We need as many responses as possible to get a true representation of our residents suggestions and thoughts. Each adult and young adult is encouraged to fill one in. Take a few minutes to think about the betterment of the overall town.


What is a Comprehensive Plan? The Introduction to the Newcomb Plan defines it as follows: 

"A comprehensive plan is a policy guide that sets forth directions for the future of a community.
It is not a law or regulation. Rather, it is a blueprint to help guide for future planning and
decision making. A town’s comprehensive plan shapes how it functions as a community and
sets forth the community’s collective aspirations, values and vision."

The Plan is a large document that was written over a lengthy period and reflects the general views of the community at the time it was written. The Main Plan can be read in its entirety here

Maps are an important part of the Plan and are included as Appendix. They can be seen here. 

The Comprehensive Plan established Goals and Objectives for the Town and have led to the development of the The Newcomb Smart Growth Hamlet Plan in 2012, which is a Complete Streets Vision for Newcomb's Main Street, Route 28N.

The Comprehensive Plan Survey is here for all to fill in. E-mail your completed forms to or print and turn into the town office.